19 August 2019

A book I loved #3: The Art of Living by Epictetus & Sharon Lebell

This book describes an ancient, empowering way of thinking that is incredibly soothing. I'm so pleased I found it because once it's absorbed, there's a strength inside you that can never be undone. Although the way of thinking is called Stoicism, it has little to do with the word 'stoic' in the common English sense of the word.

My husband read it earlier this year before he had a piece of his bowel removed (it was nothing scary like cancer - except it was scary to have it done). Just before he went into the operating theatre, he had a wave of terror about the possibility of coming out with a colostomy bag. I simply reminded him that if it happened, we would cope, and in any case, it was out of our control. There was nothing we could do about it. This reminded him of the lessons he'd learnt in this book, and his whole body relaxed.

There was no bag and all went well. But he said that the most helpful thing that got him through the whole deal was Stoicism.

I truly recommend this book.

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