14 December 2015

Beautiful, biodegradable gifts

Recently I read that David Suzuki - scientist, intellectual and environmental warrior - believes that disposable should be a dirty word. That man is a legend.

In this gift-buying season, I love finding things that are biodegradable and/or help people avoid using disposable nasties. Here are a few I've come across. 

Beautiful chickens and op-shop shirts.

Reusable bags that fold up small to fit into your handbag so you never forget them when you go to the supermarket...

... and open up to be gorgeous, spacious and strong, so that they are always better than a "disposable" plastic bag. This one is by Envirosax. There are many stylish designs to choose from. They even have man bags.

Reusable produce bags (although I really want some Onya weigh bags, as they are lighter so you don't pay for their weight at the checkout).

A bunch of homegrown flowers is a wonderful gift - these are sweet peas, of which I have grown far too many this year!

I'm hoping Anna's teacher likes this stunning kokedama succulent, because it's her thank you gift for being such a wonderful teacher this year. Kokedama is a plant with its roots surrounded by mud, then moss, then twine. Beautifully biodegradable.

An orchid in a pot (I find quite a few attractive pots at op shops).

A Christmas cake is also a fantastic gift - for an easy one, my mother-in-law's fruitcake recipe lives on! Find it here

Here are a couple of items I spotted in Trade Aid - an adorable dog cushion (you'd need to use a feather inner for it to be biodegradable, and an ageing feather pillow could work) and a solidly made twine reusable bag. I bought Jack a cushion like this a couple of years ago, and it was his favourite Christmas present!

There's also the option of a magazine subscription. In New Zealand I struggle to find something that's from-the-heart green and lacking commercial focus. Australia has Earthgarden, and I find myself very tempted by Taproot from the US. 

Happy shopping. Remember Trade Me, bookshops, markets and Trade Aid for shopping - maybe I'll see you there!

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