6 March 2015

Biking will make me green, lean and wealthy

As anyone who's spoken to me in the last couple of weeks knows, I am very taken by Mr. Money Mustache's blog on financial independence, health and happiness via living an intelligent, frugal and physically active life. He's a bit of a greenie, too.

I guiltily suspect the reason that I think he's so great is that he thinks like me. Ha! Except he does so more clearly, and he's thought about a few things I haven't. Plus his writing is eloquent and very funny. He swears a bit, too, although in quite a thoughtful way.

As this photo shows, I have taken on board his thoughts about the benefits of bikes over cars. This post of his on it is hilarious; a favourite quote from it is this: "When I see a car ease into a parking spot, I always run to assist the driver with getting out into their wheelchair, but I am stunned to find that they usually have working legs after all!"

Allow me to be pious about my cycling set up. The bike cost $5 at a garage sale a few years ago, and it rides as well as any other bike I've had (that's not saying much though). The helmet and rash vest were a couple of bucks each from our local dump shop.

The greatest thing about this is that no one is ever going to steal this pile of rust, so I don't have to lock it up! It came with a lock, but I don't know the combination.

I'm loving the free feeling of riding a bike. What amazes me most about it is how fast I get to places. Sometimes I'm sure it's faster than a car, because I don't have to find a parking place and walk the rest of the way to my destination - I cruise right up to the door, lean my bike against something and walk inside. No lock, no fuss.

As for the 'lean' part of the title: well, it's obvious, isn't it? I'm using my food energy instead of fossil fuel energy to move myself around.

My next post will be on Mr MM's guide - and my guide - to buying less stuff, which is of course a cheaper, more environmentally friendly and clutter-reducing thing to do. It's all green, lean and wealth-making around here.

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