5 September 2014

Lazy ways of doing things well: some tips

The soft spring rain falling this morning has inspired me to share a few tips. I like them because they are low energy time savers.

1. Put houseplants outside in the rain for a few hours. They transform: the dust is washed from their leaves and they spring into good health like magic. (I choose soft rain and avoid strong wind, cold or direct sun.)

2. To defrost something quickly, put it on an aluminium oven tray. My husband - who understands physics much better than I do - tells me that aluminium is very conductive. If the tray has air circulating underneath it speeds things up even more. (If I'm defrosting meat I put it on a plate and then on a tray. It's not quite as fast, but I don't want meat juices dripping off the tray. That wouldn't be a problem if I had an aluminium tray with a lip around it to catch juices. That said, I have been known to place almost-defrosted steak directly on the tray for half an hour - the runny juices seem to mostly ooze out in earlier stages of defrosting.)

3. Stand on one foot, often, with the other leg reasonably straight. It's an instant buttock workout, and it's practical: you really want your muscles to be strong enough to support you on one leg only, both to prevent falls and generally have a fully functioning human body. It can be done while peeling potatoes, washing dishes, brushing teeth, reading, watching TV...

Yay to being productively and sustainably lazy. Do you have any tips to share?

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