24 August 2014

Why we cancelled the newspaper

We cancelled our local newspaper about a year ago. A year before that, the children who pushed the paper into letterboxes after school were laid off, and it changed to a morning paper which came wrapped in plastic and was thrown onto our driveway out of a car window.

Plus, we were sick of spending some of our precious time and brain power absorbing bad stuff. Another dairy owner attacked, another fraudster convicted.

Just now I read a relevant post on the most excellent blog of Ben Hewitt. This chap opens my eyes to a completely different way of life.

This is what he wrote, and, as usual, I like it. You might too:

"In my life, at least, I have noticed that the less time I spend captive to events I am powerless to influence, the healthier I feel. Perhaps more importantly, the more energy and optimism I have to disperse into the very small corner of the world over which I do have influence." From this post.

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