20 May 2014

Little retro shop

A couple of weeks ago I visited a little shop in Tauranga. It's run from a private home. The sun was shining loudly as if to announce 'This is NOT winter'! (Which of course it's not officially, until next month.)

The charming shop owner, Rachel - a retrologist - I love it! - sources lovely little retro homewares, and does them up - a bit of painting here, a bit of upholstery there, and a bit of general polishing and rearranging. She has the upholstery and some of the painting done by professionals, and the quality shows. Here are some of her wares.

Lovely stuff. I made a couple of purchases, and would have made more except I had nowhere to put anything. The prices were temptingly low.

You can buy from her via her facebook page, and here's her street sign:

She doesn't have eftpos, and instead gave me a hand-written invoice so I could pay her via internet banking when I got home. Which, of course, I did - and she said no one has ever let her down. Isn't that a great way to operate?

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