27 April 2014

The young royals vs. Einstein

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited our Cambridge, 15 minutes from our house, recently. They visited the Cambridge Town Hall, which is one of my favourite local buildings - old, wooden and cute. It looked like it had had a fresh coat of paint for the occasion.

Anna and I joined 15,000 others to get a peek at the future King and Queen. Apart from the historical significance I felt a bit silly, though - they must wonder why on earth everyone is so crazy for them, and wish we'd calm down. Not that they showed it - they were graceful and friendly (not that we got very close).
Taken with my camera at full zoom:

My little princess and I filled in our nearly two-hour wait by reading and making leaf crowns. Actually our crowns were terrible, but a fellow waiter made an amazing one that she gave Anna. I like the way people 'bond' in these situations.

But to put all the bally-hoo in perspective: My husband's reading a biography of Einstein, which he's loving. He read that when Einstein toured America, crowds of 15,000 or so turned out to see him! Can you imagine anyone getting so excited about a scientist these days? They can do things we could barely dream of even twenty years ago. I was just listening to a radio piece about how they can construct new body parts from a patient's own cells - without genetic engineering. Obviously this pales in comparison to Albert's feat, but still - how is that stuff less impressive than being gorgeous and marrying the right chap? Grouch, grouch. I suspect William and Kate would agree.

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