3 March 2014

Loving knitted vegetables

Welcome to a garden with a difference. The vegetables are made of real WOOL!

In the weekend Anna and I went to our local museum (the Waikato Museum), and this is one of the displays. A staff member's mother knitted these vegetables three or four years ago. It's testament to the power of wool that they are still going strong despite very frequent handling. They are Anna's favourite thing there, and she ran straight to them when we got through the doors.

She grabs one of the harvest baskets they have in the garden shed, and starts filling it like mad. The shed is also home to garden tools (safely but frustratingly permanently strapped to the walls), and dress-up style butterfly wings in case a little one wants to do a little bit of pollinating.

It's more fun than the real garden at home, I suspect, because everything can be harvested immediately and no one gets told off for pulling inch-long carrots out of the ground! Anna does, however, love being outside with me in the garden. Not long ago she asked for it to be just her and me in the garden one evening. Plus our cat, of course, who like all cats loves his owner's company out in his territory. She didn't help much, and watered the concrete path instead of the plants, but lay around and enjoyed the atmosphere.

The leaf to the right is from our zucchini plant, which continues to be prolific. Indeed, I'm about to eat leftover zucchini fritters for lunch. 

Stay tuned for a 'real' garden post!

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