11 September 2013

Seventies and loving it

Why are the 1970s so hip at the moment? I dread the 80s resurgence (and already see it in clothing on teenagers), but the 70s I can dig (well, most of it). Perhaps it's because I was born in 1972.

Anna and I went to a cafe the other day, and I loved the scavenged seventies finds in there. From the table settings, lights, brass tables, plants, macrame plant hanger and brown beer bottles for the complimentary water, they have definitely entered the world of hip. Best of all, they've done so without buying modern Made-in-China copies. This looked like a genuine eco-fit out.

It was Jack's Cafe in Hillcrest, Hamilton. Divine cakes, great service. Thanks Jack.

(I spotted the friendly waitress who gave Anna an extra helping of cream busking at our local Farmer's Market on Sunday, singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. That song always takes me somewhere special, and her voice was amazing.)

Next to where we had parked we discovered another bit of charm. This letterbox echoed the restored vintage vehicles parked outside the house.

They were giving away free fruit. Then - as if it could get any better - Anna spotted a stunning tui feeding from their flowering kowhai tree. Lovely!

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