10 August 2013

Loving lego

It's plastic and garish and messy; in short, everything I usually hate.

But lego is magic. I think if you dissected out my children's brains - especially Jack's - I'm sure you'd see thickened areas of nerves in the construction and creative spots, thanks to lego! Even now he's about to turn 10, I can hear him this moment alone in his bedroom, chatting away to or about his constructions, a good bit of gentle sing-song thrown in.

Once, someone I know (who I'm pretty sure doesn't read this blog) said she hated lego. Her son was six and wanted more and more, and she just couldn't stand the stuff because of the mess it makes on the floor. While I had to agree about the mess, having groaned at it so, so many times myself, I was privately horrified at the sentiment. If you love your child, how can you hate lego? Is it not like adoring your baby, but hating changing nappies or breastfeeding him or her? Before you're a parent you might hate the idea of those things, and when the stage is passed you might be relieved those things are over. But while your child is living that time, you do those things willingly because you know how they need them so.

Last week Jack again led me somewhere new. He suggested we watch the Lego Story on YouTube. So all four of us watched it together, and it was a wonderful 17 minutes: a professional, charming animation of how lego began. I thoroughly recommend it.

These are some photos Jack took of his lego for you. He very much wanted me to share them. They are models of Pokemon figures. Please notice how one of the bird figures hovers!

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