11 June 2013

Boy energy

Here we are, living with a boy who is soon to turn 10 and is therefore probably half way to leaving home. Every year his energy, vigour and independence increases relentlessly.

I took him and his friend to a Steiner school medieval fair a little while ago. It was a boy's paradise with swords, armour and bows and arrows. Wow. They even got to fire arrows at a real man! He was well armoured, of course.

Because I love old stuff, I enjoyed the day. But often the things he loves seem so distant to me. I cannot, for example, get excited about his lego fighting machines. I'll build the castle or Luke Skywalker's house, thanks.

Yet I click with this boy and enjoy him immensely. I take pleasure in his pleasure. And he's teaching me a lot about men and where they come from.

Aren't little boys wonderful?

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