6 May 2013

Happy chickens

We swung by my friend Judy's house last week. She has the most wonderful place for her four brown shaver hens.

They live happily in this under-cover area next to Judy's driveway, full of native trees and shrubs. Given that these birds are descended from jungle fowl, this is fitting, and the way they were really 'meant' to live. They're vulnerable to attack from above, of course (hawks etc), and they do get a fright when something wing-like flaps above them (pity mine live so close to the washing line).

Judy also has an open grassy area in their enclosure, which she 'mucks out' with a rake. Chickens, of course, love a bit of grass. Their coop is there, too.

They must be happy there - brown shavers are quite agile and could easily jump over a fence this height. No thanks, they say, we'll stay - this is great!

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