31 May 2013


I've been testing my brain a bit recently, by working towards publishing academic papers from my PhD, finished 12 whole years ago! There's lots to catch up on in the field - who's published what in the meantime, mainly - and some detective work to be done to remember just exactly what I did myself.

But there are really some brains in this family. My husband, for example. I made him a shopping list recently, and even ordered it in the order he'd come across the items as he wove his way through the supermarket aisles. He was also shopping for a trip he was going on with friends, so he added his items to the bottom of the list.

You can tell what he wrote.

Sometimes I come home from the supermarket and have forgotten something that was actually on the list. This guy comes home with everything, regardless a list this utterly - I struggle to find the word - tortured, perhaps? Certainly shambolic. Now that's brains.

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