9 April 2013

Zig and zag of plant

Yesterday I had to prune a plant that has grown like billy-o despite our hot, dry summer. It was stopping our garage door from opening. I love its foliage so I brought some of it inside.

Meuhlenbeckia astonii
It's a divaricating plant - hence the zig zag stems. New Zealand has a particularly high number of divaricating species. One of the main theories as to why is that it protected the plants from being eaten by moa. Certainly it grows into a tangled mass that makes pruning a small challenge. It reminds me of a certain little girl's hair, although the plant didn't screech like she does.

Pity there's none of those big birds left, isn't it?

I love its delicate heart-shaped leaves, and the contrast in colour between leaf and stem. Also, I see, it has tiny little flowers.

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