14 April 2013

Weaving threads

In the weekend I gathered together three little girls (and actually two boys, but they absconded) to do some weaving.

I'd been inspired by Made by Joel's blog, which my neighbour told me about. His projects are classy and stunning to the highest degree, and they use stuff I generally have lying about the house.

His weaving project grabbed my attention, so we set off on a little adventure with a cut up cardboard box and wool bits I've collected from op shops.

The two six year old girls lasted about 10 minutes before the trampoline tempted them outside. But the nine year old - who kept saying how much she loved it - stuck at it. There was lots of chatting - who she played with at school, etc. After an hour or so, this is what we had made.

Little mouse blankets, doll's house rugs?

Fun, anyway.

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