28 February 2013

Beauty just for fun

Yesterday morning I took up an invitation to visit a potter's studio with a friend. Live like you're dying, and all that!

What fun it was.

Here are some of the photos I took of that lovely place, the Ugly Beautiful Pottery Studio, belonging to potter Dawn Hansen.

Some of those lovely things were even for sale because they were seconds. As a result, a small item even found its way home with me.

I couldn't resist snapping some other pretty things there. Her husband does wrought iron work - and how funky it is. He can apparently make anything, you just need to show him a picture:

I loved Dawn's vege garden, especially the garden in an old water trough:

It was overhung by a pear tree, from which she gave me lots of pears! Let me know if you have a fabulous pear recipe.

Finally, she had a beautiful retro-looking bike. Check out the seat.

I'm keen on a bike like this for myself, but with gears. A few years ago they were hard to get, but now Avanti has about 10 to choose from! However, the truth is I'll be a non-consumer and stick with my $5 garage sale Avanti. I might splash out on having it serviced though.


  1. Andrea, if you want a good pear recipe check out the caramel pear ice-cream recipe in The Perfect Scoop. Delicious!

  2. Thanks Sandra, will do. I'm loving the sorbets and icecream I make!


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