14 February 2013

A love story, and sunflowers

I have such a good husband. Every Valentine's day, Mother's day and birthday he makes me a card. He has a stash of coloured pencils and pastels to make them with. Being a witty kind of chap, the cards are always very funny and resonate with his lateral way of thinking (i.e. lots of people don't get his jokes! But they are often brilliant!). They are loving, too.

Due to her current fascination with burglars, Anna confirmed to me today that her Nana had been burgled, and it reminded me of another reason I am lucky. She said that Daddy had told her how when I was still living overseas, and he had come back to New Zealand, he used to go and visit his parents. Each time he would put some money for me in a piggy bank there. There was quite a lot of money, accumulated over two or three years. He knew I was saving hard while I was away, and it gave him pleasure to think about how happy I would be with his gift. I was to spend it on whatever I wanted.

But one day while his parents were outside, a burglar entered the house and took the piggy bank. All gone. He was so sad. So I never got the money, but the thought meant just as much to me. I'm very happy to have such a kind man.

The sunflowers are from our garden, where they sprouted wild from last year's crop. They are looking so beautiful the vase!

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