17 January 2013

Two figures

Readers, meet my two figures. Figures, meet my readers.

I got these two people for Christmas. They're artist's models from a local art shop. They're about 25 cm high and I love them!

I like their style in our house - they grab the eye, posing there on top of our bookcase. They're fun to move around into creative poses. So far they've done the can-can, surfed, danced, done karate, held hands, and one's done a handstand on the other.

They've also had an argument (see below). As you can see above, they made up.

Although they lack a bit of joint flexibility in certain places (no downward-facing dog for them, yogis), they're a fascinating study of how bodies move and balance. Their feet attach magnetically to a round base, and the moment I try to make them do something we couldn't, they fall over.

I also like the way little changes - such as whether their knees are angled slightly in or out - seem to change their personality. When I make their legs bandy, they seem masculine and cowboyish.

Below is one of my favourites. It's the first thing Jack did when he saw them.

One's a Wallabies supporter, he said, and the other supports the All Blacks.

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