13 January 2013

Having fun

I'm not sure that we have enough fun. Let's have more!

This is a crazy fun thing we did during a Boxing Day family reunion/barbeque. Firstly the children lined up and had a scooter race (scooters are the latest rage for children in these parts).

Then the adults were called upon. We lined up and took off... (that's me in the middle with the khaki pants).

The field was very spread out as we came back down the track from the cul-de-sac at the end of the road. Supporting legs were aching. I was a distant third behind two nieces... who are both older than me!

As the last of the field came in there was a shock fall with someone banging into the curb and falling down hard, face first. (I was going to show the face-down photo but it's too scary - she could have been knocked out. Plus she might not like the publicity). Her strong bones and positive attitude carried her through, and her pains were soon dulled with limoncello.

Such fun and drama at a Boxing Day party!

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