9 January 2013


I've been offline at home, due to a failed modem. A new one arrived today, and I am relieved. Posts have been building up in my mind.

I've been having a few disconnected thoughts, too.

:: These searing hot days we've been getting have been leaving behind evenings that feel like soothing velvet on my skin. It's even better when a plunge in a friend's swimming pool has left me fresh for hours afterwards.

:: Four ounces. The Barefoot Doctor has been pointing out to me via email that a nice way to travel through life is putting just four ounces of pressure on it, and never allowing anything or anyone to put more than that on you, either. Sounds like such a good idea.

:: I've been reminded that children live in a world full of the unknown. I forget that they don't know things that we take for granted. Recently Anna said to me, after doing a little burp, "Do we have to say pardon me if we're alone?" And, "Do you have to learn how to drive?"

She used to like the idea of being famous on my blog, but now she's gone off having her photo taken.

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