3 December 2012


I know I've written before about how I love my thunderpants, but I just want to have another little rave. They're made in New Zealand from organic cotton and they are the most comfortable undies ever! They also excel in the no-visible-pantyline stakes and the don't-ride-up-bum stakes.

(Mine are the hipster version, in case you're wondering,
but they're not particularly low cut)
Anna and I have matching pairs. Each day as she's getting dressed, she yells out to me "Wear your blossom thundies!", or "Wear your artichoke thundies!" depending on what she's wearing. She likes to know we're wearing the same colours, even if it's only secretly underneath our clothes.

Jack has them also - he just can't stand uncomfortable clothes and that goes for undies too.

Because they're so funky, they make a good gift. You can find them here.

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