14 December 2012

Simple things

A friend of mine has just moved into a house with a great asset: a big crop of alstroemeria flowers. I picked a bunch for our table, and I'm enjoying the simple beauty of them, with Anna's advent fair candle next to them.

A few hours later I found our lounge reasonably well-stocked with children having an origami fest.

It soon morphed into a paper plane folding and flying session, of course. They were definitely fighter planes.

This is what the flowers are sporting today:

This last photo was taken with the new camera I bought today. No more white splotches from the fungus in the old lens!

It takes amazingly high definition video. Jack took one this evening. I've just watched it, and found that it consists primarily of a toy gun he was holding in front of himself as he stalked me in the garden. The gun is mostly aimed at me as I weed, water and inspect leaves for insects to feed to the hens. It periodically jumps as if it has fired bullets at me. Me! His dear Mama!

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