13 November 2012

My new employee

This is my son Jack working at his new job, proof-reading an article I've written. I took him on yesterday, and I'm paying him $5 per article.

When I told him I'd pay him, I saw his pupils change to dollar signs, followed by a flashing image of an ipod. But to me, the price is worth it.

He's nine years old now, and he's at least as much of a book worm as I was at his age. He's known where his apostrophe's (ha ha - he's not proofreading my blog posts) should go for a couple of years now, and he's been correcting his teachers' spelling for that long, too.

A quick read of my old writing book from standard four (age 10) shows that my apostrophes, while generally present in the words that they should be, were frequently balanced directly over the s, committing to neither the left or right.

I'm guessing that it will be helpful for him to learn while he's young that he can make money by doing something he excels at. Of course, he enjoys it, too, and takes it seriously.

Regular readers will remember that Jack has a bit of a debt problem. It's reducing, though, and on learning of his latest balance, he said delightedly, "I don't have to do anything! I just have to do my jobs and not spend anything!" Ah, the secret of saving money.

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