29 November 2012

An apron sewed

You didn't expect that we could actually eat a meal at the dining table while a sewing project is in progress, did you?

For almost a year I've had some fabric and a pattern set aside to make an apron for Anna. She's asked me to do it many times. With her confined to home due to her bee-stung foot, and me with no urgent work to do, I thought it was a good time to finally do it.

Our well-furred cat lay himself down among the threads and sewing detritus, much of which was due to Anna joining in, sewing buttons onto scraps as little gifts for me, and stitching together a felt pillow stuffed with cotton wool to provide comfort for her stuffed-toy duck, who is about to have her babies, you know. (This duck doesn't lay eggs, she said, this one has live babies.)

The project took over four hours, but that was with a fair amount of unpicking because I kept modifying the pattern and getting it wrong, and with Anna frequently needing me to tie knots, rethread the sewing machine needle and generally help her out.

She loves her apron. "I can't stop looking at my apron!" she said.

Here she she is trying it on for the first time and acting the TV cook, giving a demonstration of how to prepare a certain dish. First you chop this, then you mix this....

Later that day we had to do some baking, of course. She stirred the chocolate brownie mix on the stovetop. She, like me, can't bear the thought of the apron doing what it is meant to do: get dirty!

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