11 November 2012

A change of scene: hospital

What happened to sunny scarecrows? Could that have been only a few days ago?

Anna and I were transported on Thursday to the strange world of hospitals. She had another crop of boils, and one on her knee had started to invade up and down her leg, sending out patches of red, and shooting her temperature upwards. Cellulitis, it's called.

IV antibiotics were needed. If the infection entered the joint, which was oh so close to that boil, there would be permanent damage.

There were wonderful, hardworking professional staff. How lucky we are to have a completely free, advanced medical system, with a major hospital 10 minutes from our house.

There were incessant buzzers, beeps, crying babies, and sleep was hard to find. We are tired.

There was a spectacular view.

There were sadnesses, too, which I will write about tomorrow. Things to throw parts of life into a new perspective.

But we are home, and she is well.

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