1 October 2012

Violet Mackerel: thank goodness

You'd think that with no TV it might be tough when Mama needs to rest and there are active children about.

Nearly seven years ago when Anna was but an embryo inside me and making me very nauseous, I learnt that it can in fact be great: I spent most of the summer days lying in bed, while two year old Jack frolicked around me, turning my knees into a slide, and reveling in the fact that I had nothing else to do except be with him.

The same thing happened today (sans pregnancy). Anna and I each read a magazine, then I read to her, and we discovered the wonders of Violet Mackerel. Have you heard of her?

She is a book star most definitely a cut above the rigours of the fairies Rachel and Kirsty, or Skating School, or Unicorn School, which is the usual painful fodder inflicted on us by Anna each reading time. We've had a couple of reprieves recently with Pippi Longstocking and Milly Molly Mandy, but they've been old news to me for thirty years. Violet Mackerel is fresh meat!

I thoroughly recommend her, for plot, charm and lovely little moral lessons. She'd be especially nice for families where mum and dad are no longer together, but she is very nice for this family where we most definitely are. There are four books, and I think they'd suit girls aged 6-9 or so. The two we took out of the library stunned me with their production values. This is art! I'll definitely be buying some for gifts in future.

 The author is Anna Branford, the illustrator is Sarah Davis, and this is Violet's website.

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