22 October 2012

Super chai latte, super easy

Ever since visiting the wonderful Elizabeth Cafe and Larder, where I ordered a soy chai latte, I've developed a bit of an obsession. Spicy, lightly sweetened hot soy milk...mmm. Before I started this dairy-free diet, I never thought I'd go in this direction, but the truth is that I have come to love warm, spiced soy milk.

This is what I do:

Add a Healtheries mi-chai teabag to a bit of boiled water in the bottom of a mug. Let it steep for a minute or two, then fill the mug with soy milk. Add 1/4 tsp mixed spice and a heaped teaspoon of bush honey. Microwave for about two minutes (purists would heat this in a pot - and of course use whole spices). Remove tea bag, squeezing out all its flavour beforehand. Goes very well with a ginger or coconut biscuit. Mmmm.

Alternatively, do much the same but don't worry about the teabag and boiling water - just mixed spice, soy milk and honey is great, perhaps with a dash of vanilla essence. (I've just been reading how to make your own vanilla essence at a neat kiwi blog I found; the post is here.)

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