25 October 2012

Can you do without a cleaning toothbrush?

No one who knows me could possibly call me a clean freak. I can only aspire to such a title, but with just a little part of me. The rest of me would rather throw the basketball with Jack, or sew, or do yoga, or browse home mags for creative house fodder, or write my blog!

However, a recent spate of boils on one of our bottoms has launched me into a hygiene frenzy, in the bathroom at least. Where on earth could those Staph bacteria that keep reinvading her previously smooth, creamy skin be hiding? I feel I have failed at housewivery. (Treat that as full disclosure: you may now wish to ignore the cleaning advice that follows.)

Scrubbing with baking soda and a wet toothbrush.
Here comes the foam - I added a splash of plain white vinegar.
Brilliant cleaning.
Which brings me to the value of an old toothbrush for cleaning. I have heard rumours that not everyone uses one. If you are such a person, I can highly recommend upgrading to this method - I don't know how else to get into the little corners and crevices, and around the bases of taps.

Thank you to my flatmate of about 20 years ago who introduced me to the old toothbrush method. GREAT idea.

Forever be gone, nasty Staph!

(Another boil-fighting tip: methylated spirits. Even powerful antibiotics didn't seem to be doing much, and we only made significant progress when I wiped the area with meths. An hour or two later much of the pus was gone. Boil ooze contains Staph bacteria that, upon soaking healthy skin, invades and causes multiple extra boils. That ooze needs to be dried up and sterilised, hence the meths.)

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