15 October 2012

An easy science experiment

A year or so ago I discovered a book full of experiments for children to do. What makes it so special is that we almost always have all the required equipment - and that's not because we're particularly well stocked, it's just that the equipment is so simple. We've had fun with it.

On Saturday Anna and her friend asked me if they could do an experiment, but I brushed them off. So they did this one themselves - haven't they done well?

Untreated lilies
Lilies with food colouring in their water, after 3 days
We're yet to have the discussion about how water travels through the stems of plants into their leaves, but hopefully we'll get to it - perhaps next time we do some watering during a dry spell, and we can watch the leaves perk up.

The book, in case you're wondering, is The Usborne Big Book of Experiments. It was published in 1996. I think I found it at the recycling shop at our local dump, fortunately in great condition. I don't think I could have found a better experiments book if I'd tried.

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