7 September 2012

The value of some roundness

Lately I've come to appreciate how a room that's otherwise full of angles benefits from some round shapes. It makes it more shapely and loving, somehow.

Our lounge room has a sloping ceiling, and the walls, ceiling and windows are very sharp-looking. As a balance, I've included lamps and a round table, which seem to work well.

This classic 70's style window looks way better since we got a curved curtain rail.  An interior designer recommended and organised it, and I can't believe how well it works. It's almost a sculpture in our lounge!

I found this old lamp base at a garage sale, and had the shade made through Mixt in Auckland. I took the base in and they used their good taste and experience to advise me on the dimensions. The fabric is from Hemptech; I think it's Karo Shingle.
I spotted this old table at someone's house and said how I liked it. I had been looking for a round table for a couple of years. "Do you want to buy it?" she said. I did. I like its curvy legs.
This lamp called to me from the window of my local Salvation Army shop. The shade was bought through Trade Me, and the fabric is just sacking (hessian). It goes well with the weave of the hemp.
And onto the dining room... we love our 'orbs'. 
Even a bit of curve on the dining chairs helps.
The dining table has shapely legs!

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