21 September 2012

Skating time

What do Hamilton adolescents do on a Friday night? Skate! For the first time I found out today about Friday disco in-line skating nights, where the lights are low and the music's fairly loud. My children, who are certainly not yet adolescents, tried for the first time tonight.

About half an hour later, they were both good enough to leave the wall. At first I walked around with Anna, trying to catch her if she fell (she did so twice; both times I missed). After about five circuits she, who was the youngest one there by at least two years, said "I don't want you to come around with me Mama." So off went Miss Six by herself among about 60 others, some of them very fast.

Jack was with a friend, and crashed hard to the ground again and again. But already he wants his own skates for Christmas.

They are so determined, energetic and ready for life!

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