16 September 2012

Gardening Milly Molly Mandy style

Anna's favourite book at the moment is Milly Molly Mandy. I got it for her because I loved it when I was little. It was published in 1925! It's still adorable.

In one story MMM helps Billy Blunt to weed a garden, which has grass growing in it. MMM notices that there are holes in Billy's lawn, and Billy explains that his father's been digging out dandelions. So the pair of them transfer the weeded grass into the lawn and the holes disappear.

Tell me, why is it so easy to grow grass in the garden, when trying to establish a lawn can be so hard?

Here you observe me digging grass from a garden, which sprouted from obviously undercooked compost (or the grass seeds would have died):

And here I, in Milly Molly Mandy style, transfer it into a bare batch on our lawn (if you can call it that - it has mounds of builder's mix and goodness knows what else gathered for a seemingly forgotten landscaping project, although I live in hope):

It is so lovely having a little feline company, which I always have when I venture into the garden! In fact he pleads with me:

And I surrender.


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