24 September 2012

An iconic retro house bursting with style

My friend Rebecca lives around a couple of corners from us in an architecturally-designed house from the 1970s. It has soul! I came home from this house thinking what a great place it is. It's helped, of course, by her love of art and design, which shows up everywhere you look.

Here are some photos. It's for sale, by the way. Although how she can bear to part with it, I don't know!

Many would kill for this sideboard, which hosts a gorgeous glass
 collection. This is in the house's generous entranceway.
 A brick wall leads from the entranceway to the dining room.
Great thermal mass, I can hear Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs saying.
Check out that lamp - I've had to hand Rebecca the trophy for op-shop queen.
The kitchen's mostly original, but they've styled it up.
The platters are from Borrowed Earth.
An original 'lazy susan' (I think that's what it's called?)
going strong 40 yeas later.
The patterned lining paper is fabulous.
Orange highlights add zing to the kitchen.
One of the four generous bedrooms. Rebecca found the chair as part of a full suite
at the Salvation Army, sold the sofa, kept the chairs and made a bit of money. Clever!
One of her sons is mad about birds; hence
his feature wall.
A touch of shabby chic in the master bedroom.
The clock is Rebecca's design. Her husband cut it out
with their laser cutter. Their artwork is scattered throughout the house.
More of their laser cutting artwork.  These nikau palms were drawn
by another friend - such hidden creativity strolls behind buggies on
the way to school in our neighbourhood!
This is in our house, not hers anymore. The lovely lady gave me this classic old
lampshade for Jack's room, and he is as delighted with it as I am (well, almost).
I've perched it on a wooden 1980s light holder but we'll sort that out in future.
Thanks Rebecca!

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