9 September 2012

A garden visit like no other

The city we live in, Hamilton, doesn't have a great reputation as a place to live. When I tell people about the Hamilton Gardens, they think it sounds a bit ho-hum. However, the truth is so, so different. These gardens could hold their own anywhere in the world, in terms of beauty and creativity. We went for a trip there today - easy, as it's only 5 minutes from our house.

I'd love to show you all the photos, but a large electrical storm has come over our place so I have to shut down the computer! Here's just two photos to whet your appetite.

The palisades of the Te Parapara Garden

Tulips in the Italian Renaissance garden an hour or so after high winds and rain.

It's hard for me to believe I can take photos like these when there is in fact a white fungus growing in my camera lens! Soon I'll get a new one. Generally I select my photos depending on whether the hazy white splodge near the middle is visible or not.

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