23 September 2012

A few things

At the close of this weekend, I'm thinking about

  • how grateful I am to have a husband who works like a dog to get us good firewood! Again I managed to solicit some from someone in our neighbourhood felling a tree... and then the hard work began! After many hours of work today, we have another load of good wood for future warm winters.
  • how inspired I am by SouleMama's blog. In this post, she talks about her family doing art. Today, I introduced the children to the same concept by doing a little watercolour myself. (That might sound very good-mama-ish, but when you're nagged at: "But what can I do?" enough times you have to come up with something.) 

Hours later, here are some of my favourites:

  • how much I'm looking forward to taking photos of my friend's house tomorrow and sharing them with you. She has a classic 1970s house with a really great feel to it, enhanced by her treasure trove of retro furniture, art and homewares... I will take plenty of photos!
  • how it speaks volumes of my housecleaning frequency when I find myself popping unnecessarily into a freshly cleaned bathroom just to enjoy the rare sight of a gleaming tap.
  • taking Anna to the doctor tomorrow because of what looks like an infected tear duct. Will I or get the last week before the school holidays to myself, or will she be in isolation like Ian was with his conjunctivitis? The two bad eyes in the family are probably due to shared germs, although her actual eye is clear and healthy. I wait in hope...

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