21 August 2012

Ukulele adventures

With just two nights of uke practice under our belts, we feel pretty flash. However, Jack can't get his strumming right, and I'm pretty slow with the chords. I watched his quick brain and fingers immediately leap to the chords he learnt last night, while mine fumbled and had to be reminded.

To get some smarter strumming skills, we turned to YouTube. It did help something fall into place with the strumming, but watching people who have been playing for several decades put us in our places! The expertise out there is incredible. We loved this as a ukulele example and this as generally wonderful.

One of Jack's great ambitions is to play Duelling Banjos with his Daddy (him on banjo, Daddy on guitar). I was thrilled to see the chords and words to Camptown Races on the leaflet that came with the ukulele, mainly because this bluegrass fan loves it but also because Jack can play it on the violin. However, he didn't quite see that I wanted to do a duet with him the same way he does with Daddy! We tried, but his enthusiasm was somewhat lacking.

It is challenging, and fun. With something so enjoyable, sociable and brain-building going on, does bedtime matter so much, I wonder? Sigh... during the week, I suppose it has to.

Anyone can join in the music! And this girl has rhythm.
Speaking of bedtime, I can't leave YouTube music alone. James Hill is a famous ukulele player and this is why.

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