23 August 2012

The latest home design accessory

According to a recent issue of Your Home and Garden, houseplants are back in style.

I'm there! Last year, after hearing someone talk on National Radio about how many nasties house plants can pull out of the air, I decided my family must have this health benefit! I launched into plant-and-pot hunting mode.

Lounge: A "Parlour Palm", antique brass planter from trademe.
My Bird's Nest Fern on our beloved old dining room sideboard, pot handed down from Mother-in-law.
A Peace Lily on my bedroom dressing table, which was once my father's and hard-yakka sanded down by me the summer before I first went flatting. Pot from our local dump shop. I enjoyed the plant's elegant white flowers during summer.
Look what little green surprise I found pinned to one of the parlour palm's leaves! Anna loves this rosette, which I won when I was little. 
I'd shied away from houseplants for years because watering them just seemed like another chore. But now I love having them and really like the way they look. I water them every week or two (more in summer), and when I think of it I add a few drops of liquid houseplant fertiliser (bought from the supermarket) to their water. They look pretty healthy.

I lost only one: a beautiful fern. Note: ferns like it cool and damp! Under a heat pump is not their favourite place.

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