3 August 2012

The best woodfire ever

It's in. We have a lovely woodfire and a warmer house. 24oC in the dining room, to be precise.

It's a pyroclassic fire and the most efficient available in the country. It was lit at lunchtime for the first time. Since then it's only been reloaded twice, and it's after 10pm. We are thinking our firewood is going to last a  long time!

This is Ian. He has just said, "I don't know about you but I've found my spot for the rest of my life." It's certainly a very cosy feeling.

The new ventilation system is working, too, taking warm air from the lounge and fresh air from outside, running the two airstreams through a heat exchanger, sending heated fresh air down to the bedrooms and exhausting cooled lounge air to the outside. It has taken the chill off the bedrooms tonight. I am hoping for bitterly cold weather now so we can really test the ventilation/fire combination out!

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