2 August 2012

Cosy evenings and books

Tonight it rains. It's a lovely time for reading to children in bed.

This is us every night, and it has been for nearly 9 years now, since each child was about 3 months old (or even younger for Jack, I think). Mama or Daddy, reading to a child before bed.

I wish I could show you a photo of Jack at a few weeks old, his mouth and huge blue eyes wide open with joy at the sight of an open book held in front of him, while Mama lay next to him reading. If you could hear him he would be panting with excitement and completely focused on the colourful board book. Anna was like that too, as was my niece. Unfortunately the photo I'm thinking of was taken before we got our digital camera.

Jack has read to himself for a long while now, but this little girl is hanging onto her bedtime stories. This photo is a few weeks old, and her current favourite is Pippi Longstocking, which is almost as much fun now as when I was little.

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