6 July 2012

Washing day

Today after four days of cold, wind, rain and fog - but not all at the same time - the sun shone. Mothers (and some fathers) everywhere delighted - there were loads of school holiday washing to deal with. It was possibly slightly better than normal washing because there was no sports gear.

Sorry about the blurry patch in the middle. The camera lens has spots in it.

I had two full washing lines plus the 'Chinese laundry', which held my new favourite clothing. Can you spot my thundies basking in the sun?
These are the genuine Thunderpants, made in NZ from organic cotton. They are the most comfortable and flattering undies I've ever worn, not to mention funky, colourful and stylish. The organic bit's important: apparently about 20% of normal cotton is not cotton but insecticides and other nasties! I read that, or something like it, in Kevin McLoud's book 'Principles of Home', which I can highly recommend.

The thundies are a bit pricey - $69 for three pairs, plus postage - but worth it I think. I won't bother buying any others from now on. You can get them at www.thunderpants.co.nz.

We played in the sun too - it wasn't all washing today! But I thought you'd like to know about the thunderpants.

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