29 July 2012

Planting trees for the future

This is what we do. Once a month on a Saturday afternoon, a group of locals get together with an expert plant man and nurture our local bit of bush.We do just a couple of hours, or less if we want to. Because it's winter, it's time to plant rather than weed, which is what we generally do at other times of the year. Yesterday there were about 12 of us, out on a stunning Saturday in a beautiful place. We planted new baby plants, and cast admiring glances at what we'd planted in the same area a couple of years ago. Kaboosh, how they have grown!

Our riverside patch of bush is pretty special, actually. It's got more plant species in it than any other bush remnant in Hamilton. It has a beautiful boardwalk running through it. And one of our country's two species of native bat is often found there! Hamilton is the only city in NZ known to have a resident population of these bats.

As we worked and chatted, we made new friendships and cemented old ones. The tuis sang while we did it. Perhaps they were thanking us. We think the hard work is worth it.

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