23 July 2012

Our favourite rainy day activity

At the moment, finger-knitting is it! On a rained-in Sunday like yesterday - or any random day, for that matter - one or both of my children is likely to be found finger-knitting.

Once they're finished, the knitted chains usually get turned into anklets.

But yesterday, some were so long that I'm going to save them for Christmas tree decorations, to be used in place of tinsel.

New yarn can be expensive, so every time I find myself in a charity shop (which is quite often!) I scan the yarn  basket which most such shops seem to have. I've quickly collected quite a variety of colours, and part of the challenge for the children is choosing which colours go together best. Usually they knit together two or three colours at once.

Thanks to Amanda Soule - aka SouleMama - for yet again inspiring creativity in our family. I got the idea from one of  her three books, but I can't remember which! They are all listed here.

I wish that the whole indoors day had been as idyllic as the photos make it seem, but it wasn't. My children do clash quite often. However, part of it was idyllic, and the nice thing about this blog is that it makes me focus on the lovely things that happen.

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