8 July 2012

Music the old fashioned way

Sometimes I wonder what recorded music has done to us. Today we had the most pleasurable honour of visiting friends whose children seem to have music at the centre of their lives. Banjo, mandolin, violin, guitar, ukelele.... they play them, together, probably every day.

Our children joined them, even though only Jack learns the violin. Anna stood there and bowed up and down, though, looking like a natural! My husband joined in also, strumming a guitar.

I loved it. It made a part of my brain tingle with pleasure - a part that doesn't get enough activity. I love bluegrass! This is a good thing that there definitely needs to be more of in our house.

This was lunch with two home-schooled families. The walls were covered with brain-stimulating stuff. The children were lovely. If I were a more devoted mother I might do the same for my children instead of just making sure the teachers do a decent job (which they do). Except both children like going to school and being with friends all day! I know they have the capacity and drive to be more extended, however, and a personal tutor (like Mama) gets far more chance to do it than a teacher who has to deal with at least 20 other children.

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