24 July 2012

A first ballet exam

Yesterday Anna had her first ballet exam. She sprang out of bed and got dressed in her little outfit, then did some practice. She was so grown up about it! She is desperate to get a 'gold medal', which is what the teacher told her she'd get if she did everything very well.

We went off to the hall together, having secured the morning off school. The little lady sat down very seriously and had her hair done by the teacher and her assistant.

I had to restrain myself from commenting on the fact that her part was off centre, and from leaping to cover her nose and mouth with a cloth or something in order to protect her from the hairspray. Next time I might have to do it before we get there!

I thought a toilet stop would be wise before she went in, and she agreed. However, because the only way to the toilets is through the hall itself, in which some older students were being examined, she had to use a bucket! Very undignified.

However she pulled herself together.

All the little girls lined up ready to go in. The one and only boy had basically been expelled from the class for naughty behaviour! The teacher, in the background, must be her late 60s but is still very much the ballerina. The poise!
The parents weren't allowed to watch, so another mother and I eyed up the crack in the door, but could see very little. So I don't know how it went.

Then it was time for a treat before heading back to school. We took our (home made) lunch to 'our' favourite picnic spot - the glasshouses of the Hamilton gardens. We sat and ate our food, and Anna said, "Mama, can we come here for a picnic after every ballet exam I have? I wish we lived here with all the flowers around us! That could be our lounge, that could be our front door....".

It was a special morning together.


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